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Extrication Tools in Aurora, CO

Colorado Holmatro is Colorado’s exclusive Holmatro rescue tool dealer. We are the state’s premier resource for extrication tools and also provide comprehensive training on the techniques and methods that help you use them effectively. We are your partner in extrication, helping you provide life-saving services to everyone using our country’s roadways.

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Your Resource for Proven Extrication Tools and Training

All Colorado firefighting and rescue teams need quality rescue tools to successfully respond to emergency extrication situations. As the exclusive Holmatro rescue tool dealer, Colorado Holmatro equips agencies throughout the state with best-in-class equipment and training that saves lives, while keeping first responders safe.

We carry a full line of Holmatro rescue tools, including the CORE technology series and convenient battery-powered cutting and spreading equipment. Holmatro sets the standard for extrication—in terms of raw power and reliability, there’s truly no other choice. Our product line in Aurora, CO also includes fire and rescue personnel safety equipment, including Ringers Gloves and Turtle Plastic cribbing. Moreover, we help you keep your tools and equipment organized with tool mounts performed to exact specifications.

Every product we sell is Made in America, guaranteeing the highest quality standards.

In addition to being the leading extrication equipment provider, we also offer complete extrication training for you and your team at your facility.

From updating you on the latest techniques to providing expert tips on equipment maintenance, we make sure you are well-equipped to approach any type of extrication situation quickly, safely and successfully.

We know that firefighting and emergency response are a 24/7 job, which is why we provide on-site services and delivery of products right to your station or facility. We are committed to serving you as you serve the public. From quality extraction tools to comprehensive auto extrication training, we provide outstanding, ongoing service to support your operations.

We have multiple national certified extrication instructors knowledgeable on proven and cutting edge techniques.

Our owner Byron Willems was on the executive board of the Colorado State Fire Fighters Association.

We are the point of contact for all warranty concerns or questions with Holmatro products.

Facilitating Effective Response for Rescue Teams

Colorado Holmatro is your fire extrication and fire rescue equipment supplier. We not only provide you with the tools you need to perform life-saving services, but also the training you need to use them safely and effectively. Contact us today for more information. Proudly offering extrication and Holmatro rescue tools to the entire state of Colorado.

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