Holmatro Rescue Tools Based in Colorado

Colorado Holmatro is the premier resource for Holmatro rescue tools in Colorado. Holmatro tools allow fire and rescue agencies to respond quickly, efficiently and effectively in a crisis situation. With more and more drivers getting on the road each year, reliable rescue tools are more important than ever, and Holmatro tools are key to making rescue procedures easier and safer for Colorado first responder agencies.

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Holmatro Tools

Facilitating a Safe, Effective Rescue Response

Holmatro cutting and spreading tools set the standard for rescue tools. They’re high-powered and feature outstanding performance that rescue teams rely on in the midst of a crisis. Holmatro is at the forefront of innovation, offering different technologies for different applications. From CORE hose technology to battery-powered tools, Holmatro ensures that your team is always ready to respond with the right equipment for even the most difficult extrication situations, from rapid interventions to the heaviest of car constructions.

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Why Choose Holmatro Tools?

Why do rescue teams choose Holmatro over the competition? They’re not only efficient in terms of performance, but they also provide freedom of movement and flexibility. Cordless tools allow first responders to move around freely and they take no time to set up—simply open your truck, grab the tool and get to work. There are no pumps or hoses to check, resulting in reduced need for maintenance after every use. In terms of speed and safety, no other brand even comes close.

Our Selection of Holmatro Rescue Tools

  • Pentheon Battery Powered Tools
  • CORE Technology
  • 5000 Series Cutters
  • Mini Cutters
  • Combi Tools

  • 5000 Series Spreaders
  • Rams
  • Telescopic Rams
  • 3-Stage Power Units
  • High-Pressure Lifting Bags

Put Safety First With Holmatro Rescue Tools

Colorado Holmatro is the state’s exclusive Holmatro rescue tool dealer and auto extrication training provider. Whether you need brand-new tools like Ringers Gloves or you simply need to update your equipment, we help rescue agencies respond safely and effectively in any crisis requiring extrication. Contact us today at 970-756-3473 for more information.